Music inspires me. Every song I listen to gives me ideas. Only problem is, I forget about a lot of songs. So, I'm going to keep track of them.

Think of this as a glorified favorites playlist, only with better taxonomy.

  • "Palace of Destruction" from Ys I Yuzo Koshiro

I’m not too familiar with the Ys series, but this struck me as very unique and interesting. Not knowing anything about its context in the game save for the title, which may be misleading, actually gives me a lot of ideas. All of those “What if”s build into some interesting scenes to this song.

It also has some amazing arrangements, as I’ve found, from its various re-releases.

"Chronicles" is apparently a PSP rerelease of Ys I & II with the astounding option to listen to apparently both of these arrangements, the latter made specifically for the rerelease. This song alone makes me curious enough to look up possibly snagging a copy if the game is so old but has still been rereleased and rearranged so many times.